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At-Risk Children

Special needs or “spirit children”
  • Many children in Ghana born with special needs (e.g., birth defects, developmental disorders, etc.) are physically abused or killed. Some parents believe these “spirit” children are a curse on the family, and to remove the curse, request that a local Vodun priests fatally wound, often through blunt force or poison, and leave the child to die. In many areas, leaders have banned killing spirit children but reports suggest that this practice still persists in some parts of Ghana. Our hope is to complete construction of the Nurturing Nations home for children so that we can provide a safe haven for children with special needs.
Children living in poverty
  • Although Ghana’s rate of poverty has dropped significantly in the past 20 years, a large income gap exists which has contributed to further impoverishing many families. As a result, many families do not have enough money for education or proper nutrition.  Close to 40 percent of children lack toilet facilities with roughly 30 percent receiving no education and 10 percent lacking sufficient food and shelter. Nurturing Nations’ monthly sponsorship program is providing for critical short term needs helping to support many children in Ghana living in poverty.
Children at risk for human trafficking
  • Ghanaian children who live in poverty are at great risk for human trafficking and slavery. Children are often sold by families who are in desperate need of money to survive.  Other parents view sending their child with a child trafficker as a sort of apprenticeship to a better life, as they view working in fishing or mining as job training. Few parents, however, are aware of the appalling working and living conditions their children endure, and they believe there is value in the education being received. The Nurturing Nations’ Home for Children and the sponsorship program aim to provide free educational resources for families.