First Ever Nurturing Nations Medical Clinic

Waiting in line for Medical Clinic.

People of all ages from Kofikwei and other surrounding villages came to the first ever Nurturing Nations Medical Clinic in January.  Many waited for hours for the opportunity to see a doctor free of cost.  By the close of the clinic, over 150 individuals had received appropriate treatment for a wide variety of conditions, such as malaria, typhoid, paralysis, blindness, and more.



The doctor and his assistant.

One of the main goals of the clinic was to educate the community and provide a more effective alternative to the traditional healing rituals of the region which are largely based on superstition.

Distributing medicine.

A much needed vision screening was offered as part of the clinic.  Cataracts are common in the region and few have access to proper eye care. A number of glasses which were donated to Nurturing Nations were distributed to those in need.





Boy receives vitamin supplements.

Every child who visited the clinic received gummy vitamin supplements to help with malnutrition.  Most children in the area live in poverty and do not have ready access to the vitamins and minerals which are essential for proper growth.

In the future we hope to provide many more such clinics.  The need is great.   Together we can provide these life saving services for many more!