Join the Phoenix Project!

Three-year-old Phoenix making a donation with her Mom at a recent Nurturing Nations Event.

We at Nurturing Nations are always so touched and impressed by the willingness of our youngest friends to help other children like themselves.  Three-year-old Phoenix is truly an inspiration!

Phoenix started a “thankful jar”. When she would get a little money, whether it was for doing a chore, helping grandpa, or just finding change on the ground, she would add that money to the jar. Nothing really big, but her parents told her it was going to help kids who didn’t have a lot.

After a lot of hard work, Phoenix was able to donate $40.91 to Nurturing Nations!

This summer, Nurturing Nations would like to invite you to take part in the Phoenix Project. What can you and your family do to help raise funds to save these special children? Perhaps a bake sale, a lemonade stand, a yard sale, a donation jar? So many possibilities!

Please share photos or video of YOUR Phoenix Project, and hashtag #PhoenixProject.

We can’t wait to see how YOU are helping to save children.