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Mission and Approach

Our goal is to provide security, support, and education for Ghana’s most vulnerable children. The program covers children with  special needs, live in poverty or at risk for human trafficking.  We believe a child’s education is essential to overcoming these risk factors, and paves the way for a happy, productive life. Our activities include:

Building the first Nurturing Nations’ Home and School for Children, a 5-acre campus on the outskirts of Accra, Ghana, that will include:

  • A safe home for disabled and vulnerable children
  • A primary and secondary school for local children of all ability levels
  • Library
  • Vocational training facilities
  • A working farm and fishery
  • Volunteer and Staff housing

The Home for Children embodies all aspects of Nurturing Nations’ mission– provide safety for children, develop academic and vocational skills and increase individual and community self-reliance.